Saturday, February 10, 2007

2/9/07 Show - Pacific Northwest

Continuing on our little musical mystery tour of North America, I stopped in the sylvan wonderland of the Pacific Northwest last night and offered up a delightful platter of songs and salmon from that particular region. There are quite a few creative people up there as you will find in any place with such a high population of bears and a place known for its coffee. Take it from me, don't ever get into a coffee-drinking contest with someone from Seattle and don't get into a bear contest with a bear from just about anywhere in the world. It's suicide. Sometimes bears will be tricky about this though. They don't always come right out and tell you that they're bears. They may claim to be some long lost uncle you've never before. Chances are though, if they live in a cave and occasionally eat one of your friends, they are a bear. Or an uncle you probably shouldn't see any more.

So here's a link to the mp3 of last night's show. Well not right here, I haven't pasted it yet. I'm about to do it though. Right after I type the colon:

Pacific Northwest Show - No Bears or Uncle Cavemen

Venti Playlist Latte:

On the Verge - Le Tigre
Dashboard - Modest Mouse
Free to Stay - The Smoosh
Grinding Process - The Melvins
10,000 Things - Green River
Breed - Nirvana
Idle Hands - Murder City Devils
Pictures in an Exhibition - Death Cab For Cutie
Maul 10.9.97 - The Third Sex
Watchmaker - Excuse 17
Waitress Hell - Heavens to Betsy
Words and Guitar - Sleater-Kinney
Sugar and Whitebread - Glass Candy
It's A Fast Driving Rave Up With The Dandy Warhols Sixteen Minutes - The Dandy Warhols
The Sporting Life - The Decemberists
***Guilty Pleasure*** Playing Your Song - Hole
Henrietta - Tracy + the Plastics
Police Force - The Fartz
Total Energy - Thee Emergency
June 'n July - Cadallaca
Else - Built to Spill
Yr. Mangled Heart - The Gossip
Noise - Beat Happening
I Want More - The Bangs
(Square) Bubbles - The Helio Sequence
Louie Louie - The Kingsmen


Blogger hglcjjj said...

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12:01 PM  
Anonymous jenemy apodaca said...

hi alex.. thanks for another great show. I would have suggested The Wipers, but i guess they are not "post" punk. I'm not actually from here, just a transplant from san francisco, like everyone else.
Speaking of transplants, a lot of bands are transplanting to my lovely little beer and coffee smitten city. The offer still stands for that beer if your ever find yourself up here.


4:35 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Hey Jennie,

All right, so if I do another Missed show for this year, I'll definitely get The Wipers the in.

And I'll equally definitely take you up on that beer offer (does whiskey count as beer?) if I'm up that way again. Same goes for you if you're back down here any time.

Thanks again,


11:17 AM  

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