Friday, December 08, 2006

No 12/8/06 Show

I would normally be doing the show right now but I can't do it because I have to be here to post on this blog that I'm not doing the show. I just really value communication. Mainly because people are always saying things like, "communication is important. Honesty is important." But then these are the same people that say "too much information" when I try to be communicative with them. I would have thought nobody said "too much information" any more. Like it died with "don't go there" and "talk to the hand" back a the tail end of the nineties. But I guess people just couldn't part with that one. It was too sweet of a plum. They'd rather see the dotcom bubble burst completely and thousands of companies go belly up than lose the ability to drop a "too much information" in that voice you're supposed to say it in.

So let me say again that I am not doing the show tonight and in the spirit of NOT giving too much information, let me say that it is due to technical issues. I don't know what these technical issues are but I know they have nothing to do with sex, diarrhea, my shattered psyche, or any of the other types of information generally considered to be too much.


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