Saturday, October 28, 2006

10/27/06 Show - Classic Goth

The goth that made goth. Classic songs and bands that inspired grown men and women to call themselves Sebastian or Julliphyr and roll around town wearing things like black velvet capes or pirate shirts and do things like sleep in a coffin or hanging upside down in a closet (I knew someone who tried this. I really did). And they took it all 100% seriously. Not a touch of irony. I mean shit, that must have been some good music, right? REALLY fucking good? To make people do shit like that? Or were these people just that fucked up? Or were their other options, mainly conformity, equally lame?

I'm going to say "Yes" to all of those questions but for now, I don't want you to think about Sebastian or Julliphyr. I just want you to listen to download this mp3 below and listen to the show and then steal a car (even if you already have one) and drive west:

Classic Goth Show - Download or be damned

You can read this playlist too. But that kind of spoils the surprise, doesn't it?

Alice - The Sisters of Mercy
Double Dare - Bauhaus
Christian Says - Tones on Tail
She's Lost Control - Joy Division
Faint Heart - The Birthday Party
Naked & Savage - The Mission U.K.
Preacher Man - Fields of the Nephilm
Swamp Thing - The Chameleons
Alice's House - Psychedelic Furs
Persephone - The Cocteau Twins
Simple Addictions - Screams For Tina
Black Cross - 45 Grave
100 Years - The Cure
Jigsaw Feeling - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Collapsing New People - Fad Gadget
***Guilty Pleasure*** Sexbeat - Sexbeat
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - Specimen
Stairs (Uncertain Journey) - Christian Death
Steam - March Violets
Dieche - Sex Gang Children
Wake Up - Danse Society
Call It Weird - Xymox (The Xymox before Clan of Xymox before just Xymox again)
Beating My Head - Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry
Temple of Love - Sisters of Mercy

***Bonus Tracks!***

Fatman - Southern Death Cult
Pagan Love Song - Virgin Prunes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, how could you leave out X-Mal Deutchland from your goth show, 'Tag Fur Tag' is a (now) Unsung classic.

Not sure we class The Psychedelic Furs as Goth in the UK, but hey, i see where your coming from.

Anyhow, tune in when i can, love the shows, and often put the podcasts on my walkman for those long journeys to work. I have most of the tracks you play already, but it's like someone putting together a mixtape for you from your own collection. Plus, it's cool to hear other peoples fav's when compaired to your own choices.

Hey, here's an idea for one of your shows, not strictly in the 'post-punk' remit, but not far off the mark. How about a 'noise' show. Y'know, stuff from the early - mid/late 80's like Big Black, Swans, Foetus, Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Butthole Surfers etc etc. Would be good to hear some of that stuff broadcast over the airwaves, it got scant attention at the time here in the UK. Only Peel went anywhere near most of the stuff, even giving the Buttholes a few sessions (well at least one i know of)

Keep it up.


2:38 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Hey Davey,

I just noticed your comment on this show just today, 12/5/06. Sorry I missed it earlier. I doubt you will ever be back on this page so I'm probably just talking to myself but that's never stopped me before.

Thanks for listening and being a listener. Hope I can make the commute a little bit better. Your idea for a noise-themed show is really a good one. I'll definitely do it one of these days, if I get to keep this gig long enough.

I wish I had gotten around to X-Mal Deutschland. I had them with me that night but as is the case for every single one of my shows, I just run out of time way before I finish playing everything I wanted to play. In fact at the end of the year, I'm going to do an entire show devoted to songs I wish I had played for various shows throughout the year. And then I'll do another show for songs I wish I had played for that show. And then I'll do it again. And then I'll just be caught in an infinite time loop. But just for you, I will make sure to get in "Tag Fur Tag".

Thanks again,


4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just the fact that i got a chance to here Sexbeat for the first time in almost 25 you are now my new hero!! Thanks

7:34 AM  

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