Saturday, August 19, 2006

8/18/06 Show - Continental Europe

Oh Europe, you are a gorgeous bitch. A moist thrill indeed, to be savored like a meal of roasted jackrabbit. 3 hours was simply not enough time to spend in your lovers embrace. Less than a fortnight has passed and how I already long for your touch. Pehaps soon, we will be duly reunited and dance the jig of wanton carnalities, as we dine on spiced meats and rub their drippings all over heaving, naked bosoms, glistening under the summer moonlight.

Until then, we have only this MP3 to serve as a reminder of our triste. Let it wet our appetites as a playful tease, before giving ourselves over so completely to sweet, sweet surrender and devilishly wicked abandon:

Europe Show - An MP3 For Lovers

Le Plalisto:

Europe Endless - Kraftwerk
Negativland - Neu!
Father Cannont Yell - Can
J'ai mal aux dents - Faust
Der Kommissar - Falco
Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand
Don't Crash - Front 242
Major Tom - Peter Schilling
The Zookeeper's Boy - Mew
New York Was Great - The Raveonettes
Empty Heart - Sahara Hotnights
Geburt Einer Nation - Laibach
Cosmic Eyes - Phillip Boa
Allo Allo (I Love You) - Les Sans Culottes
No Words - Clan of Xymox
Just A Dream - Nena
Silent Love - Nina Hagen
Vinternoll - Kent
These Days - Nico
Incubus Succubus - X-Mal Deutschland
Skurk - KMFDM
Germany With Love - Alphaville
***Guilty Pleasure*** Carnival - The Cardigans
The Sun Always Shines On TV- A-ha
Strangers Thoughts - Camouflage
Cul De Sac - Komeda
The Bog - Bigod 20
A Get Together To Tear It Apart - The Hives
Eisbaer - Grauzone
Once In A Lifetime - Wolfsheim
Why Won't You Talk About It - Radio Department
Black City - The Division of Laura Lee
Maple Leaves - Jens Lekman
Rock 'N Roll - The Sounds
Rock Me Amadeus - Falco


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