Saturday, January 06, 2007

1/5/07 Show - Songs With "New" In Them For The "New" Year

But is it really a new year? I know The Man tells us it is but how can we be sure? I think we might have had this year before. It's possible we even did it last year. Something about it just feels very familiar. There may be a larger conspiracy at work here. Whatever that conspiracy may be, we absolutely can't let on that we all know this isn't really a new year. The Man is watching. So if you end up re-living something that you've always wanted to do differently had you had the chance to do it again, DON'T do it differently! Do it the exact same way you did it the first time. And try to look surprised. We can't risk tipping The Man off. At least until I have more information for you. Stay tuned.

So to play along, I played nothing last night except for songs that had the word "new" in them and I kept talking about how it was the new year, blah, blah, blah. This ought to buy us some time. Feel free to download the mp3 and kind of silently nod along in agreement:

Songs With New In Them Show For This Totally New Year I've Never Seen Before


New Year's Day - U2
New Life - Depeche Mode
New Dawn Fades (live) - Joy Division
Neuschnee - Neu!
New Rose - The Damned
Brand New Girlfriend - Art Brut
New Disco - Radio 4
New Moon On Monday - Duran Duran
A New Season - The Church
New Europeans (live) - Ultravox
A New England - Billy Bragg
New York, New York - Nina Hagan
Brand New Cadillac - The Clash
New Radio - Bikini Kill
New Toy - Lene Lovich
New Kind of Man - John Foxx
New Day - The Cure
***Guilty Pleasure - It's Back!*** New Song - Howard Jones
Brand New Life - Young Marble Giants
New Direction - Echo & the Bunnymen
The New - Interpol
New Kind of Kick - The Cramps
New Machine - Tuxedomoon
New York City - T-Rex
New Dress - Depeche Mode
New Religion (live) - Duran Duran
Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag - Pigbag
Happy New Year From Altered Images
(Dawning Of A) New Era - The Specials


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