Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12/11/06 Show - SYNTH POP

In a completely zany move, so madcap I can only describe it in all caps, I went in on Monday to do a radio show. You see, I'm a loose cannon. A rebel that plays by his own rules. My last partner was a talking cat. The chief will probably have my badge but I still went in to the show, even though that badge only had 2 more weeks until retirement.

Anyway, in a show dedicated completely to electronic music, specifically synth pop, I managed to have a few technical problems with the signal dropping out and such. Oh the wonders of the modern age! Wonders? Or blunders? Implied? Or implode? I think that's irony, what I said a few words ago. If we were talking about my badge, we could call it retirony. But this isn't about my badge, it's about this show that I think you should download as soon as I stop talking about my badge.

I stitched the show together and apart from a chunk of my lil' intro missing and just a couple of what will sound like brief skips, I give this one a clean bill of health:

Synth Pop Show - 99% Retirony Free

Playlist Forever:

The Model - Kraftwerk
Cheree - Suicide
TVOD - The Normal
Me? I Disconnect From You - Gary Numan and Tubeway Army
Messages - OMD
Pedestrian Wait - Fad Gadget
Vienna - Ultravox
No One Driving - John Foxx
Fade To Gray - Visage
Touchables - Human League
Geisha Boys and Temple Girls - Heaven 17
Chips On My Shoulder - Soft Cell
Photographic - Depeche Mode
Don't Go - Yaz
Torture - Berlin
Words Fell Down - Kim Wilde
Living on Video - Trans X
Revenge - Ministry
Fallen Angel - Alphaville
Going Round - Xymox
Ship of Fools - Erasure
Mad At The World - Mad At The World
Your Smiling Face - Camouflage
So Hard - Pet Shop Boys
Once in a Lifetime - Wolfsheim


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