Monday, May 08, 2006

Did I forget to tell you that there would be no 4/28 or 5/5 show?

Well if I didn't forget, I was sort of lying. There was a 4/28 show but it took place at Annie's Social Club during the Pirate Cat Radio 10th anniversary event. Since I didn't totally understand how to use the equipment over there until too late and since no one had any headphones and most importantly, since Annie's Social Club is a bar and hence, allowed me unlimited access to alcohol, the show was pretty much a bunch of non-experimental chaos.

Then on 5/5, I was so damn sick, I couldn't even leave the house. And I don't even have a house. That should give you an idea as to just how sick I was. So I didn't do the show. Unless "the show" is throwing up repeatedly, in which case, I did the show in a big way, baby.

But as long as Pirate Cat Radio doesn't celebrate their 11th anniversary 50 weeks early and as long as I don't get horrible sick again and as long as nothing else really happens at all, I will be back for the 5/13 show. And my brothers, it will rock. It will feature only bands from the city of Los Angeles. Or what we commonly refer to as Los Angeles but is really more like Southern California. I'm even going to drive down to LA this week to increase enjoyment somehow.


Blogger Bucklechops13 said...

Damn! Missed the show. We were busy getting Beta out the door and I plum fergot. Sounds like it was a blast. I sure hope you can post it soon. But not the throwing up and vomities.
Bit of a pain in the old guliver, mum?

9:38 AM  

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