Saturday, April 15, 2006

4/14/06 Show - Live Songs

Everything I played was originally recorded live and potentially off the hook although that expression doesn't really exist in my world - Canada.

What does exist is an online recording of this show, right here:

These were the songs I played in no particular order except for the order I played them in:

5 Minutes - The Stranglers
Dead Souls - Joy Division
Telegraph - OMD
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA - Devo
Noise Annoys - The Buzzcocks
What She Said - The Smiths
Jolene - The Sisters of Mercy
Cowboys - Portishead
What We All Want - Gang of 4
Speak Slow - Tegan and Sara
Perfect Kiss - New Order
This Is Pop - XTC
Ain't This The Life - Oingo Boingo
Back In Flesh - Wall of Voodoo
Model Worker - Magazine
Dance - Toyah Wilcox
Bleed For Me - Dead Kennedys
Ku Klux Klan - Steel Pulse
I'm On Fire - Chelsea
About A Girl - Nirvana
Harvest Home - Big Country
Everything Counts - Depeche Mode


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