Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Show Returns - Friday 2/24, 6-8PM

I know for sure and I am updating this site. My show has been switched from Wednesdays 2-4PM to Fridays 6-8PM, with my first Friday show being on 2/24. This of course also means that I will be consuming twice the amount of alcohol that I normally would during the Wednesday time slot. And I plan to pass the hilarity on to you, the listeners.


Blogger Bucklechops13 said...

Get yer ass back on the air! The ONLY thing keeping me going on all these 12 hour days is looking forward to your show, and now it's gone... Gone from Wednesdays. What will I do now with the middle of my week?
Am I to bring my own music to work?
Shall I just PRETEND you're drunk with sweet Mari?
AM I to simply IMAGINE that there's something good on the radio?
You cur!

Love always!

6:11 PM  

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