Saturday, May 13, 2006

5/12/06 Show - Los Angeles

I managed to do another radio show. It was all music from Southern California dedicated to Northern California but then re-dedicated back to Southern California again. I actually had spent the entire week down in LA, preparing for the show, which is also known as heavy drinking. Now that I'm back though, everything tastes kind of funny. Does anyone know why that is?

Follow this link, and your dreams, to the mp3 of my show and a better tomorrow:

Los Angeles - X
The Mad Daddy - The Cramps
Stick It In - Black Flag
Me and My Dad - Wall of Voodoo
Lust To Love - The Go Gos
Private Life - Oingo Boingo
Ocean Size - Jane's Addiction
In the Future - Sparks
Bloodstains - Agent Orange
So Far Away - Social Distortion
Coup D'Etat - Circle Jerks
45 Grave - 45 Grave
Spiritual Cramp - Christian Death
Streetlife In Hollywood (?) - 45 Grave (?)
Something Inside Me Has Died - Kommunity FK
Pressure Zone - Beck
Crushed - Brian Jonestown Massacre
L'America - The Doors
Take the L - The Motels
Colors - Ice T
The Metro - Berlin
Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
Teenage Girls - The Surf Punks
The Liar - Adolescents
Wild - The Nuns
Eve Of Destruction - The Dickies
Nothing Means Nothing Anymore - The Alley Cats
Still In Hollywood - Concrete Blonde
Lexicon Devil - The Germs


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