Saturday, April 21, 2007

4/20/07 Show - Peel Sessions

A show in which I not only said "Peel Sessions" at least a hundred times but also played Peel Sessions versions of all your favorite punk and post-punk tunes. In case you didn't know, John Peel was by far the most influential radio DJ on those subgenres. Like no one else is even close. A wooden chair without anybody sitting in it is like, number two. Well, maybe Rodney Bingenheimer was pretty huge. He might take the chair in the race for second but don't totally count the chair out. Chairs are much more skilled than people might realize. For some reason, I was watching one of those competitive eating challenges the other night on ESPN 2 and one of the announcers actually had the audacity to refer to the competitors as "amazing athletes." In my opinion, the real amazing athletes associated with those events are the toilets everybody uses when they're done. Those might be the most amazing athletes I've ever seen or heard of.

Anyway, below is the mp3 link for you to download and enjoy. Even after what I said above, I guarantee you that the music will be better than what you might download from the empty chair's blog:

Playlists are for lovers:

Feel the Pain - The Damned
Listening In - The Undertones
Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Guns Before Butter - Gang of 4
Red Frame/White Light - OMD
Read it in Books - Echo and the Bunnymen
Enchanted - The Wild Swans
Ligotage - Adam and the Ants
New Face in Hell - The Fall
The Fan and the Bellows - Chameleons
Handsome Devil - The Smiths
Insight - Joy Division
Dreams Never End - New Order
Fast Cars - Buzzcocks
Turkey Mombo Mamma - Pulp
Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Take Me, I'm Yours - The Wedding Present
Sonny's Burning - The Birthday Party
Art School - The Jam
Kick Over the Statues - Redskins
Vindictive - The Slits
Suspect Device - Stiff Little Fingers
Do the Du - A Certain Ratio
Take You to the Cinema - Kenickie
Of One Skin - The Skids
Directing Traffic - Inspiral Carpets
Something Better Change - The Stanglers

Saturday, April 07, 2007

4/6/07 Show - Religion

The show that finally answered the age-old question: Which is the one true faith? Or at least what several punk and post-punk bands feel about the subject. The answer lay somewhere between atheism and snake-handling. It seemed an appropriate theme being that Sunday is what some people call Easter. As a holiday though, Easter has some problems. For one, when is it? I mean, I know I just said it's this Sunday but what day will it be on next year? No one knows! All we know is that it will be on a Sunday but there's no consistent rule as to which particular Sunday it is. Or there is a rule but it's so hopelessly complex, you could never figure it out. You'd need an abacus and moon charts. And you'd need to find an abacus, which is even harder. I think people would get much more excited if was on the same day every year. Another issue with Easter is that you don't get any time off from work or school unless you work on Sundays and your boss is nice. Still though, that's just one day. Most of us get two days off for Thanksgiving and it's not even clear what Thanksgiving really celebrates. Easter should be a much bigger deal than Thanksgiving. Jesus Christ rising from the dead and giving us all eternal salvation. That's kind of important. Plus you don't do anything cool on Easter. Painting and hunting for eggs? Supposedly left by some bunny? So what? You don't get presents or to dress up or to eat all day or watch things explode or get special sex or anything. The final problem with Easter is that the holiday's colors are kind of gay.

But hopefully you'll celebrate Easter this year by listening to this religion-based episode of Post-Punk For Post-Punks. That's a hint to download this link below:

And if it will sweeten the deal, here was my playlist:

This Wreckage - Gary Numan
Imitation of Christ - Psychedelic Furs
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
Salt Lake City Sunday - Fad Gadget
Dear God - XTC
Filler - Minor Threat
No God - The Germs
Anti-Pope - the Damned
The Lord's Prayer - Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Lord's Prayer - Lords of the New Church
Praying Hands (Live) - Devo
Save A Prayer - Duran Duran
Like A Prayer - Bigod 20
Nice 'N Neat - The Boomtown Rats
Touched By The Hand Of God - New Order
God Forbid - The Wild Swans
In God's Country - U2
It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys
Wailing Wall - The Cure
Planned Obsolescence - 10,000 Maniacs
Blasphemous Rumours - Depeche Mode
White Palms - BRMC
Jesus Was Way Cool - King Missile