Saturday, June 24, 2006

6/23/06 Show - Northern California

San Francisco, home to hippies, punks, creeps, weirdoes, the abstract concepts of love & time - all things shot by Charles Bronson in the Deathwish film franchise. Coincidence? Yes but what's not a coincidence is all of the music to come out of San Francisco and the rest of Northern California over the years. This area may not have produced as many classic bands as say, New York and LA, but San Francisco still remains an interesting footnote* in rock history.

* San Francisco (interesting footnote)

Anyway, enough of my footnotes and bibliographies, here is a link to the mp3 of my show. I haven't been able to paste it as hypertext for the last few weeks but let's see if I can do it now:

Northern California Show

Nope. I mean, yes, hey, it worked!

Now let's try the playlist:

Moon Over Marin - Dead Kennedys
Thirty Thoughts - Economy Class
Young Shavers - Giant Haystacks
Red Eyes And Tears - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Los Lomos - Tartufi
Marathon - Erase Errata
Motions - Paradise Island
Love Will Tear Me Apart -Adrian and Mysterious D
Not Hot To Trot - Von Iva
Pitfalls - Film School
My Last Breath - N. Lannon
Ray McRory - Publish My Love (Remix)
Patriot Heart - Mark Eitzel
Shock Me - Red House Painters
Invisible Line - The Fucking Ocean
Dewlaps - 100 Watt Smile
Summer Babe - Pavement
Short Skirt, Long Jacket - Cake
Shake Some Action - The Flamin' Groovies
Take the Skinheads Bowling - Camper Van Beethoven
100 Flower Power Maximum - Cracker
Incubus (Blue Suit) - Tuxedomoon
Never Say Never - Romeo Void
One - Metallica
Mine Eyes - Switchblade Symphony
Down - Kill Sister Kill
Sweet Talker - Sister Double Happiness
Car Crash - The Avengers
Sound System - Operation Ivy
You've Been Duplicated - Chrome
Sex Bomb - Flipper
Picnic Box - The Residents
Chamber of Hellos - Wire Train
San Francisco is Doomed - Crime
867-5309 Jenny - Tommy Tutone
Christian Boy - Robert Seidler (aka Cole Panther)
Everywhere That I'm Not - Translator
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - The Humans
The Simple Truth - Tsunami Bomb
(Luckie Strike song I don't know the name of)
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend - The Rubinoos
California Uberalles - Dead Kennedys

Saturday, June 17, 2006

6/16/06 Show - Drugs

Music has always been like a drug to me. But what's even more like a drug, are drugs. Then when you combine drugs and music, it's like bacon to all of us. And there are no shortage of musicians that have made so much bacon, they have to share their love of drugs through the majesty of song. So this show was all about songs that were all about drugs.

Follow this link through the rabbit hole and remember what the doorknob said:

Drug Show Forever

And this playlist will make you larger:

Getting High - Ian Brown
Golden Brown - The Stranglers
I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones
Chinese Rocks - Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
Waiting For The Man - OMD
Heroin - Velvet Underground
Wasted - Black Flag
And She Was - Talking Heads
Perfect Kiss - New Order
Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath
China Girl - Iggy Pop
Amphetamine Logic - The Sisters Of Mercy
Mutiny In Heaven - The Birthday Party
Nicotine Stain - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Cigarettes - Greg Dulli
Nicotina - Sparks
She Cracked - The Modern Lovers
Lithium - Nirvana
Drinking About My Baby - The Damned
Cold Gin - Kiss
Love Is The Drug - Roxy Music
Heroin Face - The Cure
New Kind of Kick - The Cramps
Instant Hit - The Slits
Lude Boy - Social Distortion
White Lines - Grandmaster Flash
Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode
Koka Kola - The Clash
Drug Squad - Steel Pulse
I'm On E - Blondie
Take Ecstasy With Me - Magnetic Fiels
Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth - The Dandy Warhols
Pass The Dutchie - Musical Youth
Mushroom Cloud - Supercreep
White China - Ultravox
Straight On - 7 Seconds
Out Of Step - Minor Threat
Some Candy Talking - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Pink Frost - The Chills
There She Goes - The Las
Jane Says - Jane's Addiction
Yellow Pills - 20/20
White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

Saturday, June 10, 2006

6/9 Show - Scotland

Scotland. Alba. Albion. Old...Kiltie. On this night, I played nothing but music to come out of Scotland and as I drunkenly attempted to mention, it is amazing how many really solid bands are from there. I mean, it's about the size of Maine. Although maybe Maine's bigger than I think it is. Like all goodhearted people, I have never been to the state of Maine. But I'm pretty sure that absolutely zero good bands have come out of that place. I don't even think they have music in Maine.

Anyway, dig in, roll up your sleeves, and enjoy a thick, hot, juicy mp3, courtesy of these weird numbers and letters that look like gibberish but are, in fact, a link to the show:

Scotland Show


Inwards - Big Country
Olympian - Skids
Rip It Up - Orange Juice
1st Big Weekend - Arab Strap
Top of the Pops - The Rezillos
Mother Universe - Soup Dragons
Pro Gen - The Shamen
The Sun Is Gonna Shine... - The Wendys
What You Do To Me - Teenage Fanclub
Motorhead - Primal Scream
The Fallen - Franz Ferdinand
Fun 'N' Frenzy - Josef K
Should the Bible Be Banned - McCarthy
We Are The Sleepyheads - Belle and Sebastian
Under Canvas, Under Wraps - The Delgados
And Oblivious - Aztec Camera
Happy Birthday - Altered Images
Real Gone Kid - Deacon Blue
Midsummer Night's Dreaming - Travis
Roseability - Idlewild
Never Understand - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Ice Blink Luck - The Cocteau Twins
Western Promise - Ultravox
Who's That Girl - The Eurythmics
If Looks Could Kill - Camera Obscura
The Art Of Kissing - Ballboy
I Love You Because I Have To - Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Promised You A Miracle - Simple Minds
Punks Not Dead - The Exploited
A Matter Of Gender - The Associates
Dogs In A Cage - Angelfish
Grey Cell Green - Neds Atomic Dustbin
Safety Net - Shop Assistants
Am I Loud Enough - Bis
Only A Tongue Can Tell - Trashcan Sinatras
Truck Train Tractor - The Pastels
Downtown - Lloyd Cole
Where's The Boy For Me? - The Revillos
Molly's Lips - Vaselines
Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins
No Excuses - The Jolt
Kewpies Like Watermelon - Urusei Yatsura
Broke - The Beta Band
Hunted By A Freak - Mogwai
Tall Ships Go - Big Country
Somewhere In My Head - Aztec Camera
Lorelei - Cocteau Twins
Some Candy Talking - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Make Me Believe In Magic - Bay City Rollers
Season of the Witch - Donovan
Vegetarian Restaurant - Aberfeldy
White China - Ultravox

Saturday, June 03, 2006

No 6/2 Show

I was out of town on a business trip this last Friday. Because I'm a business man. With cards and everything. A real jerk.

I'll be back on 6/9/06 though. The theme, I think, is Scotland. A lot of good stuff has come out of Scotland and luckily, pretty much all of it is music.