Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sheffield UK Show - 11/10/08

Just a steeltown girl (town) on a Saturday (Monday) night. Sheffield UK, an English city that may not get a lot of publicity but certainly has its place in the heart of post-punk as well as modern indie music. I played only bands from Sheffield, spanning from the mid/late seventies to the present day. And you can download them all by following this link:

Sheffield UK Show

Being Boiled - Human League
Pulse Lovers - The Future
Diskono -Cabaret Voltaire
Afterwards - Artery
New Girls Neutrons - Vice Versa
Touch - I'm So Hollow
Where Have I Seen You - They Must Be Russians
All Time Low - 2.3
Red Planet - Comsat Angels
Going Steady - Jilted John
When I See You - The Thompson Twins
Sensorium - Clock DVA
Baby Called Billy - British Electric Foundation
Geisha Boys and Temple Girls - Heaven 17
The Look Of Love - ABC
Heaven is Waiting - Danse Society
Babies - Pulp
***Guilty Pleasure - Or Is It?*** Photograph - Def Leppard
High Strung Chironi - Pink Grease
View From the Afternoon - Arctic Monkeys
Fight Music For the Fight - Bromheads Jacket
Lust in the Movies - The Long Blondes
Dear Constable - The Harrisons
Letters - Navvy
Not What It Used To Be - Fury of the Headteachers
Blank Clocks - The Future


Blogger david said...

hey alex,
didn't hear the show yet, but will DL. another great theme for a show tho! i only knew of a few bands from sheffield (comsats i really like, the sound, etc). not sure if you've done a manchester UK show yet, but that would be cool too.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

Hi David,
Thanks a lot! Hope you ended up liking the show. I did actually do a Manchester UK episode once but that was almost 3 years ago and Manchester, my personal favorite music city of all time, certainly deserves a re-visit. One of these days I'll definitely do it. Thanks for the suggestion and again for the listenership.
- Alex

10:56 PM  

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