Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 End-of-the-Year Ram Jam Spectacular Show - 12/29/08

Tonight I played the best songs of this year, 2008. If you have a problem with that, take it up with Kronos, the Time Lord.

Here is the link to download the show, in linkabetical order:

2008 Show

And of course the playlist, in playlistabetical order:

Let it All Go - Jay Reatard
Second, Minute, Or Hour - Jack Penate
Daylight - Matt & Kim
Heavy Heart - Ghostland Observatory
Nobody Lost, Nobody Found - Cut Copy
I'm Not Scared - Ladytron
Forever Growing Centipedes - The Faint
Geraldine - Glasvegas
Broke Up the Time - The Futureheads
Second Life - Gang of 4
Endless Summer of the Damned - Bauhaus
All Kinds of Stuff - The Cure
I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - The Black Kids
Crystal Stilts - Crystal Stilts
Strobe - Friendly Fires
Magic Doors - Portishead
Want the Candy - The Raveonettes
Wishing Well - Love is All
I Was Mad For You - She & Him
All I Need Tonight (Is You) - Gentlemen Jesse
Dig, Lazurus, Dig!!! - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Campus - Vampire Weekend
Magic - Ladyhawke
Century - The Long Blondes
Too Too Too Fast - Ra Ra Riot
What Would Lou Reed Do? - I Am the Heat
People Talk - Cheap Time
Always Wanting More - Jay Reatard

***New Stuff From New Stuff Playlist***

(N) Hard to Detect - Magas - from the album, "Friends Forever"
(N) Qudra - Tangtype - from the album, "Flake Out"


Blogger Stephen said...

I'm so glad I downloaded the Vampire Weekend album from a newsgroup (only because I thought their name was funny/stupid) months before it came out and could judge the album on my own. I loved it, and played it almost constantly for a month.

Then the album came out and every review I read said the band was over-hyped. I guess I totally missed all the hype and got only the backlash. I guess it's for the best that I'm clueless.

You wonder why Ghostland Observatory hasn't hit big yet. My only other encounter with them was their appearance on Austin City Limits. For me, all their songs are an endurance test. I start out liking them, but eventually I'm thinking, "Yeah, I know, it's a sad sad city. Move on." Then again, I feel that way about most music. Maybe I have ADD. Maybe musicians lean too heavily on the crutch of repetition.

I'm afraid I probably like the folk stuff you hate so much, though you mentioned Fleet Foxes as an example and I can't get through their album. I suspect you'd put The Mountain Goats in that category, and I listened to "Heretic Pride" many times this year. Since I was raised in a folk friendly household, it's kinda' like goin' home. Not that anyone else in my family would enjoy a song like "Autoclave" or "Micheal Myers Resplendent".

I didn't know about the Gang of Four single. They still sound great, and thanks to all the wannabes these days, contemporary.

There were other songs on your list I liked and hadn't heard, so thanks for trying to clue me in.

5:59 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Thanks for the comments and giving me your impressions. I like hearing a different take, especially from you wonderful few that listen to the radio show since it's just me in a studio, all alone, delivering a monologue.

I agree that Ghostland's music has a somewhat disposable quality to it but there's always a place for disposable pop music in the hearts and minds of the mass populace. I figured they deserve to go to that party more than just about anybody right now. Plus I'm heavily biased by the live component that I've mentioned several times on the show. When I see just about every single band from the last 20 years play live, I always feel that these people don't deserve it. They don't deserve everyone paying X-amount of dollars to look up at the band playing their music live on a stage and then cheer wildly when each song is over and the next one begins. They aren't real performers and they don't take their music too new places live. Ghostland manages to pull this off though. When I first saw them, I instantly understood why they were up on stage and I was paying to watch. There's an undeniable connection that goes on with the audience too. Most people are just happy to be out at a concert and respond accordingly but you can tell at the Ghostland shows that they are responding to something more. In my opinion, only they and Of Montreal are worth the price of admission these days.

The Mountain Goats at least have an energy to their music that puts them out of the Shitty Folk Revival Category, in my opinion. It's the miserable, wimpy, pathetic strumming and crying of people like Bon Iver that I absolutely despise. Even the Fleet Foxes aren't all that bad, since they're going for all of those 60's/70's production effects like America and The Association did. Bon Iver just cries in his cabin.

9:05 AM  

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